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The book calculation ERROR easy explained by never written books..

Karl Marx: Das Kapital 2.0 Karl Marx: Das Kapital 2.0
How a new tax system steers capitalism towards the benefit of mankind

Mankind terminates itself Mankind terminates itself
How do we put our future at stake.

The Targets of Growth The Targets of Growth
A report of the Salzburg Club about the future of mankind. How uncontrolled tumor-like growth has to be converted to a purposeful growth to achieve

Calculation ERROR Calculation ERROR
Why is humanity not half the way to solar age, like it was intended 1991 as PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth was founded? There is a deadly calculation ERROR!

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The new worldview that is described in the Book ''Calculation ERROR'', now has a name: Infinitism. The evolution of the sun became the symbol for Infinitism

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PHILOBIBLON Transylvanian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities

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This is not a simple book, but the start of a new worldwide movement. The decision between self-destruction and limitless future.

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The paper version of ''Calculation ERROR'' is in DIN-A5 format. Ideal to read the PDF version even on a cell phone.

Context description:  Calculation is dedicated to solve the most severe problems of present. Debt crisis economic downturn unemployment lost generation working poor peak-oil and climate change.